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Business Card Magnetic Calendars

Business Card Calendars

Looking to hand out business cards? Our Captain Notepad business card calendars are perfect for reaching and engaging with your clients - but in a way that’s a little more unconventional. You can make a true long-lasting impression with our business card magnet calendars. That’s right - these calendars can be stuck to your kitchen’s refrigerator in order to be seen and used day in, day out. 

Best of all, our business card calendars are fully customizable. They’re a branding opportunity you can take advantage of. Whether it’s handing them out to potential clients at events or gifting them to your most beloved customers, magnetic business card calendars are the perfect promotional item!

Browse our selection! We’re sure there’s something for all types of businesses - from real estate agents to online retail stores to food & drink distributors. We’ve got everyone and everything covered.

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Why are our magnetic business card calendars so valuable?

There’s many reasons why our business card calendars are so valuable. Firstly, they’re super affordable and won’t knock your bank balance. Secondly, they’re highly functional and can be used for all sorts of note-taking needs. And thirdly, they’re a super effective branding tool. By gifting them to your clients and customers, you can start boosting the relationships you have with the most important people that keep your business ticking over 

Our custom magnetic business card calendars are all about lending a helping hand to those who need it. They’re:

  • Tangible - Something your clients won’t just throw straight in the trash.
  • Useful - Something your clients can make genuine use of.
  • Memorable - Something your clients can keep hold of forever.
  • Outstanding - Something that makes you stand out from the crowd of competitors.  
  • Positive for your brand - Something that makes your clients stop and listen to a message you’ve shared with them.

With so many to choose from, we’re 100% sure that you’ll find the one you love. The designs range from tear-off calendars to laminated calendars. Our customization process means the options are quite literally endless too.

Choose our business card magnet calendars

All of our 12-month calendars deserve a coveted place on your refrigerator door. With their magnetic backing and stitched binding, the calendars are easily stuck to any metal object. But we think the kitchen refrigerator is the best, most suitable home for our business card magnet calendars. What better place than the room you spend the most amount of time in?

So what can you use the business card calendars for? How do they come in handy? 

  • Keep on top of your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly events and holidays. 
  • Tick off your to-dos and stay organized. 
  • Be reminded of important dates, tasks, meetings, and deadlines. 

But perhaps best of all, our business card calendars do exactly what they say on the tin: display your business card front and center so your clients, customers, peers, or partners have your contact details whenever they need them. 

Why are our magnetic business card calendars so special?

These calendars are all about spreading the word about your brand. That’s what business cards are best for, right? Never underestimate the power of an expertly-branded business card! Not only are our calendars a great keepsake, but the attached business card makes sure your name can be referred on and on - even once the calendar year has ended. 

Your brand name, logo, slogan, or message will be at the forefront of their minds for as long as it’s stuck on the fridge. That’s at least a whole year of crystal-clear visibility in your clients’ homes. Select any of our magnetic business card calendars for your next order.

Choose Captain Notepad!

Rest assured that Captain Notepad’s customization process is super easy. First, choose the calendar style and design that suits your business needs. Then you can customize the calendar with your personal business card. Send us your customization instructions or upload the business card art that you want us to print/attach.

Once we’ve received your order, our designers will get to work and send you a proof to approve. Once we know you’re 100% happy, we’ll print the personalized business card calendars and send them to you! It’s as simple as that.  

If you have questions about our business card magnetic calendars for your refrigerator, please feel free to contact us

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